Pat's FAQ's


How do I buy a Pat Pen?

Check out our vendor map and see which dispensaries in Colorado carry The Pat Pen and other Pat products. If your favorite medical or recreational dispensary does not carry our products, request for them to!  


Can you ship to Florida?

Unfortunately, no one is allowed to take any marijuana products cross Colorado's state line. So if you are out of state and want to get your hands on a Pat Pen, you are going to have to grab your camping gear and come see us in beautiful Colorado to "Puff on Pat" under our starry sky! Can't wait to see you!

What type of battery should I use with my Pat Pen cartridge?

It is highly recommended that you only use a Pat Pen battery with our cartridges. Other batteries may get too hot and burn the coils on the cartridge out, so it is best to stick with the matching battery. We sell them in dispensaries and in our merchandise section.

How do I order wholesale?

Licensed Colorado dispensaries ONLY: Simply email

Licensed New Mexico dispensaries ONLY:

Which cartridge do I have?

Red= Sativa

Yellow= CBD:THC

Green= Hybrid

Purple= Indica

Any other questions?

If you have any questions or comments about our company or products, please feel free to fill out our contact information form, and we will get back to you ASAP!

Trouble Shooting:

Problem: Hard to draw vapor.

Solution: Unscrew the metal tip and carefully remove the blue "witch hat" and place it back on the cartridge. This "burps" the oil in a way and should allow for an easy draw.

Problem: Battery not charging/getting too hot.

Solution: Exchange the battery at the dispensary you bought it from. We offer a lifetime warranty on our batteries. If the battery is getting hot, stop using immediately.