Hi, I’m Pat Leonard, and this is my story:

      I smoked my first joint in 1974. I liked it better than the Coors that my dad drank and the Kool menthol cigarettes my mom smoked. I couldn’t believe people could drink alcohol, but I couldn’t smoke pot.

     As soon as I heard Colorado was decriminalizing and legalizing, I moved here. I created Canna Equipment Leasing where I sold and leased extracting equipment. I had Eden’s CO2 extractors, then Apeks CO2 extractors, then Waters Extractors. I have always preferred CO2 extractor because of the clean oil they produce. I’ve had over 24 machines in four states. My first two were at an infused product facility in Denver, Colorado. I have even refined oil for award winning edible companies.

     After years of experience extracting cannabis material and helping others get their extractors up and running, I decided to produce my own oil. The pure cannabis oil is used to produce the Pat Pen cartridges, syringes, nectar, and salves.

    I want my vape pens to be pure cannabis oil with no PEG, PG or vegetable glycerins, which so many in the industry continue to use. To take plant material and extract it, then refine it, only to cut it with something, just didn’t make any sense to me. I personally don’t want to smoke "cut", and I am sure nobody else wants to either.

   I take this pure THC vape oil, that is generally in the 60% range, and refine it further with fractional distillation, which only uses pressure and temperature. No chemicals whatsoever! This is how I make ultra refined cannabis oil concentrates that are usually in the high 70-80% THC range.  

As I like to say, "a dab'll do ya!".

    I put my face on every package because I want everyone to know who is responsible for the product inside. If it’s not right, it’s my fault. Contact Us and I will do whatever I can to fix it!

Thanks for trying my product, and remember to, "Puff on Pat, not PEG!"