Our Mission

Our goal is to provide Colorado with only the highest quality CO2 extracted cannabis oil. The Pat Pen's experienced team of extractors work 365 days a year to ensure that we are constantly and consistently producing the clearest, purest oil on the market. Not only do we produce great oil, but we also pride ourselves in having the best customer service around. Check out our product line and see what Pat can do for you. 

100% CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil

Our vape pens, nectar and one-gram oil all start with only the highest quality bud and trim. Some of our products are available in strain specific options while others are a perfect combination of strains to get you the high that you desire. Check out our hybrid, indica, and sativa offerings as well as our new CBD pen. 


"Delightfully clear, we wouldn't be surprised if a bird tried to fly through it, only to wind up sticky and potent as all get out."

— CULTURE Magazine